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Find out how we can secure your business


Find out how we can secure your business

There are over 25,000 installations of Almas Industries solutions in commercial enterprises across Europe. We supply companies from 5 to 50,000 employees, our solutions are scalable and there is a range of flexible payment plans available. Our goal is to make cutting edge security solutions affordable and available to all size of businesses. Almas Industries are regulated by the Private Security Authority for your peace of mind.

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Almas Industries provides cost effective, easy to use security solutions including CCTV, Monitoring, Intruder Solutions, Biometric access control and Time & Attendance Solutions. From the moment you make contact, we are focussed on identifying and fulfilling the security needs of your businesses.


Intruder Alarms

An effective burglar alarm acts as a strong deterrent to potential intruders or vandals. Expert installation is required to minimise false alarms. Make sure your site is protected and that you are informed immediately if there is a robbery. Read more…

CCTV Solutions

From one camera to dozens, Almas Industries can advise on the most suitable solution for your site’s security. IP or Analogue, discreet or covert, vandal proof domes or bullet cameras and what recording capacity you require to meet the needs of your business are questions our security consultants can answer. Discover more…

Biometric Access Control

Effective, efficient and unfalsifiable, fingerprint readers combined with flexible and easy-to-use software will give you a powerful management tool with the confidence that only the people you authorise can gain entry to your site, when you want them to be there. Find out why fingers are better than keys…

Time & Attendance

How many hours are spent calculating staff hours and wages per month? Managing absences and collating information? Would you like a simple, cost effective alternative that will improve productivity within your workforce and reduce time theft? Find out more…

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