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Biometric Access Control SystemsFingerprint access control falls into the field of biometrics; a concept that even a decade ago seemed the domain of PLCs and Government agencies.

However, biometric technologies are now affordable for small and medium sized businesses as well as large corporates. Directors and owners are recognising that access control and time and attendance systems that are based on unfalsifiable criteria, give them improved management control and cost efficiencies compared to traditional solutions such as swipe cards, fobs, pin codes or keys.

Why are Fingers Better than Keys?

Access control systems that are based on something that you have, such as a card, fob or key, are always open to abuse. Cards can be lent, lost or stolen resulting in you not knowing with certainty who might be on your premises.

Fingerprint access control systems check who you are, not what you have. You can’t leave your finger at home or lend it to someone else!

Biometric readers can be mounted almost anywhere; internal or external doors, gates, turnstiles or cabinets. Wherever you have a need to control access, Almas Industries can advise of the best solution.

Control Who Accesses Your Site: When And Where

Flexible access management software means you can allow entry to exactly whom you want to, at the times you want. Manage memberships, visitors, cleaning staff and employee access; limit days or areas. Monitor time and attendance for the purpose of wages or when they are taking breaks and have absolute proof in the event of discrepancies.

You can also check who is in the building at any time using occupancy reporting. Options are available for emergency evacuation reporting.

Remotely access the software from off-site using your smart phone or tablet; give exceptional access out of hours or be alerted regarding an attempted unauthorised entry.

Simple and Easy to Use

Our engineers set up the software as per our clients’ requirements during installation and train customers on how to use the system. Enrolment is quick and easy.

Suspending leavers, non-payers or late payers can be done in a matter of seconds, meaning your site is secure and you don’t have to tell everyone a new code or replace fobs/ swipe cards or keys every time they are lost.

Access and update your software from your smart phone, tablet or PC off site; you can even set up remote enrolment for occasional contractors or visitors.

Security Concerns

People can be worried that a picture of their fingerprint is taken and that it will be available on the ‘world wide web’. This isn’t the case with Almas Industries fingerprint readers and software. Our solutions don’t store a picture of a fingerprint anywhere but apply an algorithm to identifying points on your fingerprint. This code and its storage are governed by the same data protection laws that protect any data that a company holds on you. If you have questions, please ask your security consultant during the site survey and they will be happy to explain in further detail.

Biometric access means that your site will be more secure; physically protected. We are accredited suppliers and installers of security equipment. If you have questions about how our biometric solutions process and store information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Competitive Advantage

Our customers inform us that having biometric access control sets them apart from their competition. Businesses such as nurseries, serviced offices, leisure clubs and care homes to mention a few, report that the enhanced perception from customers has meant an increase in occupancy and membership numbers while also saving them time and improving efficiency.

What To Do Next

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There is no obligation on your behalf when contacting us and we are more than happy to discuss your security needs and see if we can help you in achieving them.