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CCTV Security By Almas IndustriesAre you asking yourself whether you should install CCTV? Concerned that additional surveillance may convey that you don’t trust your team? Suspect it may be an unnecessary expense?

The Gardai National Crime Prevention Office state that CCTV is a valuable management and security tool; they recommend its installation as part of a wider range of security measures.

The vast array of cameras and surveillance equipment on the market can appear baffling. The Almas Industries team have years of experience in advising business owners how to best protect their sites with CCTV, intruder alarms and fingerprint access control.

Whether you have one area you want to view or a whole site, Almas Security Consultants will work with you to find the best CCTV solution. IP Versus Analogue Cameras; whether a school, farm, office, retail shop, nursery or factory they will identify whether an Analogue or IP camera solution would be better and explain what the difference is between the two systems.

We will conduct a site security survey and advise as to privacy considerations of the most suitable type of cameras; covert, overt or discrete cameras. PTZ or static, dome or bullet and whether vandal proof housings are appropriate.

Overt solutions involve highly visible cameras and signage to act as a deterrent to crime.

Covert CCTV is more appropriate where you know there is a crime being perpetrated, for example, internal theft or shoplifting, cameras are disguised as other items, such as smoke detectors. Footage can be reviewed and perpetrators identified.

Good quality CCTV recordings can provide evidence for security investigations and help in securing criminal convictions. Footage can also be used to protect your staff in HR investigations, protecting them from false allegations.

We will advise you on your responsibilities with regards to handling and storing CCTV data and ensure that you have the correct signage and whether you need to register with the data commissioner.

Monitoring; there is also the option to have your cameras monitored out of hours by our state of the art monitoring centre.

CCTV & Intruder Alarm Monitoring

CCTV can be coupled with sensors, in the event of an incident out of hours, the system can be setup to alert different responses;

  • The remote monitoring centre can alert the Gardai or security guards can be dispatched to site to investigate a possible break-in or incident.
  • Speakers can be installed so intruders can be verbally challenged in real time. Being addressed by an operator would surely give even the most brazen burglar pause for thought!
  • You can receive alerts yourself, you can review the cameras remotely on your smart phone and then, viewing what’s happening live, you can act expediently and effectively to minimise damage and loss.

An intruder alarm deters burglars or vandals by drawing attention to what they are doing, CCTV gives you confirmed evidence that there is an intruder rather than a staff member forgetting the alarm code, or a false alarm causing issues.

Combined, CCTV and a burglar alarm present an excellent deterrent and swift and accurate information upon which to act in the event your premises suffer vandalism or a break-in.

We have a range of flexible payment options that include no upfront payment and can take over monitoring on existing installations.

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