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Alarm Solutions By Almas IndustriesThe cost of burglary and vandalism can be extensive, from loss of earnings due to damage to buildings and inability to trade. Theft of stock and machinery can have a long-term impact, insurance claims take a time to process and contracts can be lost in the interim.

Almas Industries’ intruder alarms serve two purposes in the fight against crime. Firstly, as a deterrent, and secondly, allowing business owners to act quickly and appropriately if a burglary or vandalism does take place. Being informed while an intrusion is still happening gives keyholders the chance to act expediently to limit the damage done to the ability to trade and minimise loss of stock.


In a survey conducted in America, 60% of burglars surveyed said they wouldn’t attempt a burglary if there was an intruder alarm. The remaining convicted burglars said if they discovered there was an alarm during the attempt, or it went off, they would immediately discontinue break-in.

Effectively, it can be deduced that an intruder alarm could deter up to 80% of burglars from following through an intrusion of a protected property.

Vandals fall into two categories, mindless opportunists, or disgruntled users. Obvious intruder alarm sounders, blatant signage, warnings that the grounds are being monitored or recorded and sensor activated bright lights are all steps businesses can take to deter vandalism.


Intruder alarms can be configured to initiate different responses in the event that the alarm is activated; the alarm can inform an elected key holder, an ARC monitoring centre or the Gardai/ a security guarding company, or a combination of all three.

Receiving activation alerts on a smartphone, coupled with CCTV to be able to dial in and see in real time if there is an intruder, gives a key holder a cost-effective method to respond to an alarm and can reduce the number of false alarms


Many insurers state that an intruder alarm is compulsory before a business is offered commercial cover. The type of alarm and monitoring will depend on a number of factors. Our security consultants will assess and advise as to what sensors would be most effective, and where. PIRs, door contacts, pressure sensors, heat sensors and internal and external sounders can be integrated into an effective intruder alarm solution, with an appropriate monitoring solution. For added security and to prevent internal theft, Almas Industries can couple the alarm with a biometric reader; you’ll know exactly who set, or unset, the burglar alarm and when.

Almas Industries are members of the Private Security Authority; providing you with the confidence that our engineers are vetted and stringent operational procedures are in place. False alarm records will be provided if required.

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