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time and attendance solutions by almas industriesMention collating and calculating payroll and owners, managers, accountants and HR assistants all start to groan.

Month end can be a stressful and time-consuming exercise: checking time sheets and hours worked, toting up over time and making sure annual leave has been noted. Businesses that employ zero hour contracts often need to be flexible to adapt to changing trading patterns, but that means that rotas need to be checked every week or month and this takes time, regardless of whether those rotas are actually accurate.

Getting people’s wages wrong can have a serious impact on morale and lead to further administration in correcting the error.

Time & Attendance Software

Almas provide a solution that can combine access control and time management with fingerprint readers or tablets that are wall mounted or portable.

Employees can;

  • Request annual leave, note their annual remaining entitlement
  • Check their actual against their scheduled hours
  • Request a meeting with their manager

Your team are kept informed and have accurate information.

Employers can;

  • Set shift times and patterns
  • Respond to annual leave requests
  • Note absence due to illness, maternity/ paternity or force majeure
  • Report on hours worked for employees
  • Adapt entries if required

Save Time

Almas time and attendance software calculate hours worked and will highlight exceptions if outside inputted parameters. Reduce the time spent manually checking rotas or sign in sheets and adding up hours, improve efficiency and accuracy.

Multi-site operations can collate date remotely.

Improve Efficiency And Save Money

Businesses can be the victim of ‘Time Theft’. Employees may be late, leave early, or take more breaks than they are entitled to. How do you know? Do they sign in when they actually arrive or when they were supposed to?

Unless you have a manager standing over the signing in log, every minute of every day, traditional clocking in and out systems are flawed. ‘Buddy punching’ is a well-known phenomenon whereby staff clock their friends in and out to cover up absences and tardiness.

Biometric time and attendance solutions obliterate this problem. You can’t lend your colleague your finger to clock you in fifteen minutes earlier when you’re running late.

If you are interested in combining access control with time and attendance reporting for your employees to improve efficiency, save time and possibly money, get in touch. Our consultants will listen and understand how your business works, any issues you may be experiencing and advise as to possible solutions.

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